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By Reverend Dr. Benhardt Fraumann, Pastor

Grace Happens... Most humans are pretty good and work pretty hard. By and large, our church is composed of humans.

We are a hugely imperfect and healthy community attempting to follow Christ. We believe in progress more than perfection, love more than church legalisms, and compassion more than judgment. If you have been yearning for a good spiritual community...we invite you to join us. If you are looking for...GREAT...probably you would be happier elsewhere.

We know that this world is both greatly troubled and profoundly beautiful. On this 3rd Rock from the sun...we try to help with the love, work, joy, sorrows, missions, and play of our people.

We do believe that there are good folk everywhere whom God will claim. We believe in the God of the New Day and the Fresh Start.

Grace Also Happens.

Ben Fraumann ben


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The Church Building is CLOSED until further notice to help protect our Congregation from COVID-19.
We WILL be posting videos of the current week sermons so you can still "Do Church" at the times you usually attend services, but from the comfort of your home.

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Sunday sermons:
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Easter Service 4/12/2020

Christmas Eve 2019

Christmas Pageant 12/22/2019

Handbells Archive 8/1/2020

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