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Watching and Listening to the Sermons

If you have a broadband connection, you can watch the two most current sermons by clicking on the video link. Sermons are presented in the Flash video (flv) format and should be compatible with most web browsers. You can also watch videos of our Choir and Handbells. These videos are usually updated on a weekly basis.

We also provide audio recordings of Ben's sermons in the MP3 (MPEG audio level 3) format. This is a digital file format that stores the audio in a compressed form, saving space and download time. This format is also compatible with most portable media players, and more recent car audio systems, allowing you to download them and listen at your convenience.

The audio sermons are recorded at a data rate that allows people with slower dial-up connections to listen.

To listen to these audio files, you need to have an "MP3" player on your computer. Most Windows and Macintosh based computers are shipped from the factory with a compatible player. Microsoft's "Windows Media Player" is the default player for this type of sound file, and it does a pretty good job. With most players, the sound files will usually begin playing as soon as you click on the link. (This called "streaming" because the audio flows directly to your speakers without waiting for the file to download onto your disk.)

If you wish to download the file, then right-click on the link and save the file to your computer desktop. You can then drag the file into iTunes, or onto a portable media storage device.

If you are having trouble listening to the file on your computer, there are a few things to check. Do you have speakers plugged into your computer? Is the speaker powered up and turned on? Is your computer volume too low? (On Windows, there is a little speaker icon on the Taskbar at the lower right portion of the screen. Click it and you'll get your computer's volume control.)

If you continue to have problems listening to the sound file, or wish to make any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to write to us, and we'll try to help.

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