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Where Grace Happens

Our congregation has chosen three major areas to serve:

  • International Mission: Charity Water

  • National Mission: H.O.M.E.

  • Local Mission: Center for Food Action

The Mission Committee group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month between services in the Teaching Room by the gym. New members are always welcome!

Its all about the next generation!
We believe in instilling the values of Christ not just talking about him!
Faith in Action is our youth program which focuses on learning about Christ and the Bible through actively participating on our local, national, and international missions.

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About Our Church 


Grace Happens... Most humans are pretty good and work pretty hard. By and large, our church is composed of humans.

We are a hugely imperfect and healthy community attempting to follow Christ. We believe in progress more than perfection, love more than church legalisms, and compassion more than judgment. If you have been yearning for a good spiritual community...we invite you to join us.

We know that this world is both greatly troubled and profoundly beautiful. On this 3rd Rock from the sun...we try to help with the love, work, joy, sorrows, missions, and play of our people.

We do believe that there are good folk everywhere whom God will claim. We believe in the God of the New Day and the Fresh Start.

Grace Also Happens.

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