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Center for Food Action

Local Mission: Center for Food Action
Rich Crowe

The mission of the Center for Food Action is to "prevent hunger and homelessness and improve the lives of individuals and families living in poverty"

National Mission: Son Servants
Tracy Rynkowski

Building Homes
charity water 2.jpg

International Mission: Charity Water
John Lavoie

Charity Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries

Other Ways to get Involved

Media Communications

Leaders: Kerry Soloway (YouTube videos), Elyse Williams (website), Sue Cail (newsletter)

Online Monitoring

Media Communications team is responsible for all of our online communications, including the video recording and streaming of the services and maintaining the church website. We also update the ...

Skylands Music Academy

Leaders: Neil McDonald and Erin Schwab

Young Musician

Skylands Music Academy (SMA) is designed to bring musical arts to Ringwood and the surrounding communities. Sponsored and hosted through the Community Presbyterian Church of Ringwood, SMA seeks ...

Skylands Learning Center

Leaders: Melissa Kolstein and Kaitlin Sweeney

School Backpack

The Skyland's Learning Center is a NJ State licensed childcare facilty located in the Community Presbyterian Church in Ringwood, NJ. At SLC we offer a safe, and stimulating educational ...

Parish Nursing

Leader: Linda Jamison

A nurse taking care of ole patient

A Parish Nurse holds a registered nurse (RN) license and specializes in providing healthcare grounded in spiritual principles focusing on holistic health. The Parish Nurse assumes a range of different roles ...

Congregational Care

Leader: Karen Caviasco

Big Hug

We are a team of members called to respond to those in need, including but not limited to offering prayers, meals, visits, rides and other instances of assistance and support. In the last year we have ...

Coffee Hour Team

Leader: Helen Hill or Dan Daily

Coffee and Desserts

Coffee hour after Worship is very important. It has even been said “real church is at coffee hour”- that’s how important it is. Click "Read More" to sign up using our electronic form.


Leader: Sallie Crowe

Holy Bible King James Edition

Worship is the principal influence that shapes our faith and is the most visible way we express the faith. In worship, through Word and Sacrament, the church is sustained by the presence of Christ and ...

Carpenter's Club

Leader: Chip Cronauer


Carpenter's Club meets monthly to take care of the building and grounds of the church. They are a group of dedicated volunteers and are always looking for any skills or talents others may have to offer ...

Flower Program

Leaders: Barbara Zach, Louise Hood, Elaine Wighardt, and Marilyn Wighardt


Flowers for the Sanctuary are purchased weekly by the 'Flower Team'. If you would like to donate flowers and include a dedication in the worship bulletin, click "Read More" to use our link to sign up ...

Church Garden Team



The church garden and Memorial garden, including the labyrinth, are maintained by a small group of dedicated volunteer 'church gardeners' who work hard to keep everything looking tidy and well ...

Finance Committee

Leader: Rich Crowe


The Finance Committee meets regularly to manage the financial affairs of the church. We have integrated our Ledger into our existing web interface for member support, called "Realm" ...

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